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gShop Project

What is it ?
The gShop Project is an OpenSource Project to create a fully-featured retail point of sale application, suitable for a range of businesses.

You can read the System Requirements Specification (SRS) online, as well as the System Design Document (SDD) and System Test Specification (STD) to get more information on what it does, how it works, and how it is tested.

gShop is based on a proven product - GtkPizza, which has been used in Pizza Bar businesses now for a number of years, so there is a wealth of real-world experience as the foundation for this project.

How is it different ?
The design of gShop incorporates the business rules, screen layouts, graphical touchscreen panel layouts, and general program flow inside the actual application database. This allows for a great deal of customisation of the application which can be performed by the average user.

In addition to this, the screen designs are all built using Glade Builder and all of the source code is available from SourceForge, which gives unparalleled support for customisations and extensions.

No other Retail / Point of Sale application offers both users, developers and VAR's this sort of power to quickly adapt the application to suit their needs. Not only that, but there are no up front costs, no licence fees, no royalties, no required extras and no hidden catches. It's Free software - and will always remain free.

What about commercial support ?
Commercial support is available, in the following forms :

  • Email / Internet Support
    The main SourceForge based site provides you with complete bug tracking, user forums, and software updates available 24hrs/7days via the internet. This service is free of charge, and suitable for any general requests or recomendations.

    For more specific requests, you can email the developers directly, and discuss your specific requirements.

  • On-Site Support
    The developers of the software are spread across the world, so it may be possible for us to locate someone in your corner of the world to provide on-site support on a commercial basis.

    Just email us and ask, and we will see what we can do !

  • Turn-Key Solutions and Support Contracts
    You just want a turnkey solution with guaranteed support ?

    Contact us now to discuss your requirements, and we will provide you with a prompt, realistic assessment, and a price guaranteed to please.

  • CD-Rom subscription
    We are planning on creating CD-ROM subscriptions, probably on a quarterly basis, which include the latest stable release of the software, archives of forums, documenation, and latest stable versions of supporting software such databases, web server / PHP software, etc.

Is gShop available in my language ?
gShop is built specifically to take advantage of the new internationalisation features in the Gnome Desktop. We have developers and translators to convert the application to various languages.